Have you forgotten to build your 2013 Marketing Strategy?

It is now half way through January.
Have you forgotten to build your 2013 Marketing Strategy?

Do you need marketing automation?

[Checklist for Marketing Automation ]

Content marketing is so passé! And 2012

Yes I am being Harsh.

BUT! Let me ask. When is your next major event?

I know some of you have events coming up in April, May where you will be spending $1,000’s on your stand plus labor.

So how is your lead generation going?

What do you have organised in the next few months to lead your prospects in?

As we look forward, it’s also time to review, proactively, that our developing strategy is in step with our objectives and we are planning ahead for a successful event.

Can you do it all yourself?  NO.

Event management can be chaotic, which is why it’s important to plan and get ahead now. You don’t want to waste January playing catch-up when you could be using that time to get ahead of the competition with great content, engagement and information. Let’s get you started in 2013 with a strong, strategic marketing push for that event that is coming at you like a road train!


Companies use marketing automation to solve some of the biggest problems in marketing; it helps them organize their online marketing efforts, generate high quality leads, and turn those leads into sales. How by MEASURING what is happening with their marketing efforts.

Companies that get maximum value from marketing automation often use it to address these challenges:

       The need for sales and marketing reports that provide data for analysis, planning, and determination of ROI.

       The need to simplify the management and coordination of activities, such as marketing campaigns, channel management, reporting, and analytics.

       The need to manage and coordinate multiple point tools such as email and webinar management applications, and/or the need to integrate such tools with contact management and CRM platforms and programs.

       The need to manage lead generation, lead nurturing, and the transfer of leads to sales in an organized, time-sensitive manner that enhances conversion and closing rates.

       The need to use time strategically: e.g., reduce the time needed to create and deploy campaigns, or respond to sales-ready leads in real time.

If you’re thinking about the success of that event in May. It is NOW time to investigate marketing automation, our Checklist for Marketing Automation will help you determine which features might be must-haves…and which might be unnecessary for your organisation and your unique marketing needs.

And if you’d like help determining whether marketing automation is right for your organization, contact us for more information.

If you need assistance to get through these steps to get a solid plan in place and get that running start for 2013 with a bang. (Call me [Richard Brearley] on 0401711959 or email at info@millan.com.au)