Who Is Your Customer? Are You Sure?

ImageHere’s a couple of ways marketers often work to understand their customers.
I bet you’ve come across them at seminars or in marketing magazines.

1. They segment them, using pretentious phrases, like “upwardly mobile” or creative language their research people have dreamt up so as to charge more – like dividing them up into different kinds of fruit or animals.
2. Sometimes they say “picture your customers – what they like or don’t –
then you can see them as human beings.”

Let’s play a little game.

1. Try to picture a group of prospects.
2. Men aged 55-65 years.
3. What do they look like?
4. What are their interests and hobbies?

Now follow this link and see who they are.

Surprised? It’s a way of pointing out that your customers are individuals, not
types, which is why direct marketing is more relevant, by far, than mass advertising.

Peter Drucker said the aim of marketing is:-
“To know and understand the customer so well that the product fits them and sells itself.”

Today’s point is: Know your customers as individuals – not types.

(abridged from Drayton Bird Associates, 8 Holyrood Street,
London, England, SE1 2EL, UK)