Is your receptionist capable of looking after BOTH your front doors???

For over a hundred years, we have had the receptionist sitting in the front of our business’ greeting three different groups of people.

  1. Our employees
  2. Our Clients and
  3. People wanting to sell to us.

In the 21st century

  1. Our employees look after themselves with swipe card entry.
  2. We put up signs : “No Hawkers” so we do not have to deal with Sales Representatives.
  3. That leaves us with Clients or people looking to buy.

As we have gone through the 00’s (naughties) we have seen phone communication decrease. It has been said that “email has replaced the phone as the primary business communication medium”.

How many people today:

  1. Send a meeting request to a client with Outlook?
  2. Sends an update to a project as an email rather than verbally
  3. Requests for information from potential suppliers by emailing ; ?
  4. or send an instant message through SMS.

You will find that many of us do that today rather than pick up the phone and dial.

So where does this decreasing activity at the Receptionists desk leave the Receptionist?

With time on their hands?

What about our other front door? Yes it has an address and prospects could be knocking on it all the time, it is of course our URL (

So I ask the question are you looking after your other front door as quickly as your current process is with your receptionist?

Maybe it is time to reskill and add responsibilities to the receptionists position description.

In the same way they are currently handing people as they are walking in, immediately, we should be handling people knocking on our “Other” front door, immediately.

Is your ‘Other’ front door running

  1. integrated Facebook, Twitter Linkedin feeds
  2. Online Chat facilities
  3. Instant analytics, on who has just down loaded a ‘Case study or White paper
  4. Etc.

In this era of Content/ Engagement marketing we have to ensure that we are keep our prospects fulfilled at every touch point and that they are serviced as quickly as if they had walked into our office front door.

Is it time to ensure the Reception is answering both our front doors?

Richard Brearley
MilLan Marketing