How to Keep Marketing While Enjoying the Christmas Break

With Christmas here and the New Year just around the corner, many business owners are worrying about how will 2013 perform after the Christmas break. Will the sales force be at full throttle come end of January? Will the Sales funnel be full?
During a well-deserved break should you worry about letting your marketing efforts from 2012 slip? Luckily, there are several ways to ensure you don’t skip a beat while you enjoy the holidays.

Here are some tips for marketing when you’re not in the office.Preparing his content

1          Automate Content delivery

There are services within the products that you currently use that allow you to pre-schedule the distribution of press releases, tweets, WordPress blogs and Facebook posts. Simply pick the date and time you want your content to appear, and with a few clicks it’s ready to go!

2          Mobile apps are there to assist

There’s pretty much a mobile app for anything these days, and plenty that can be downloaded to your phone or tablet to help keep things “business as usual” while you are out of the office. This includes blogging apps, Twitter, Facebook, and more. If you run out of time before you head out on holidays, you can still keep the content coming and no one will know the difference.

3          Delegate or Outsource

Enable one of your staff members to manage certain pieces of your marketing communications. If you’re used to doing most of the work yourself, why not let someone else give it a try and see what they can do with it? As long as you give them some guidelines, your client base would probably enjoy getting some viewpoint from another voice in the company.

4          Integrate your efforts

If you’ve pre-scheduled your press releases, tweets and Facebook posts, you should also have your blog ready to go as well. This means scheduling its distribution while you’re out – and then using those previously scheduled tweets and Facebook updates to promote it!

A little pre-planning combined with a readiness to take advantage of all the automated and integrated marketing tools out there will make it easy to organise marketing efforts before you take off – and help you enjoy some much-deserved time off!

Lead Nuturing

What is happenng to business’ anonymous Web Traffic?
Are they turning anonymous web visitors into leads?
How are you nurturing those leads?

Drive Revenue by Nurturing Raw Inquiries into fully qualified Sales-Ready Opportunities.

Lead nurturing is the process of building relationships with qualified prospects that are not yet ready to speak with Sales:

A Business needs to create consistent and meaningful communication with viable customers regardless of their time to purchase.
There needs to be an automated system for multi-step marketing programs that build and enable client relationships with qualified prospects over a period of time.
Implement a system to trigger targeted messages to prospects based on their specific behaviours or profile updates.
Educate and pre-sell prospects with relevant and personalised communications. (Give away something for free).
Measure every interaction and optimise results over time, measure measure measure; the refine. Create a continuous improvement system.
It has never been easier for marketing to engage with prospects.